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Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Hosting Solutions

When we speak of hosting web servers, there are three major sorts - shared website hosting web servers, VPS (virtual servers) and dedicated web servers. Shared web hosting servers accommodate lots of customers and thus the system resources per user account are restricted, virtual servers offer more server configuration freedom.


Dedicated Hosting Services

A dedicated web server is the top hosting service if you are searching for an avant-garde and reliable shared hosting service without hassling about reaching any quota limitations. Whether you will host your own personal web sites, or you are a site designer with lots of customers.


Dedicated Hosting

Buying dedicated server denotes that you have a whole server for your needs. As opposed to the web hosting service or the Virtual Servers solution where you share a web hosting server with a certain number of other clients, with a dedicated web hosting server you can use all the system resources for your online portals' requirements.


First-class Hosting Solution

Free and paid shared packages are applicable for small-scale websites and do not receive that many web site visitors, but for heavy resource-absorbing web portals with many thousands of visitors, a more advanced solution is required.


Dedicated Server

The more visitors a web site is having simultaneously, the more resources will be needed to cope with all the requests from the clients' web browsers and to complete them. For that reason a dedicated server would be the optimal solution.


Dedicated Servers Hosting

Distinguishing yourself from the masses is not a cheap thing. Neither are dedicated hosting servers. However, they have shown| that the ultimate autonomy more often than not recompenses. According to us, choosing the Hepsia web hosting CP is the most intelligent choice.